Liohn Sherer

Manager. Skier. Father.

Marketer. Techy. Environmentalist. Developer. Thinker. Husband. Reader. Leader. Camper. Planner. Canoer. Auditor. Friend. Writer. Reluctant millennial. Strategist. Student. Debater.

Employment History


Liohn is an exceptionally bright young man with a sharp analytical mind.

Johannah Bernstein,
Environmental policy consultant

"Liohn has shown an absolute commitment to the highest quality of work; he has displayed first rate professional judgement, the ability to work under pressure, showing mature professional judgement, initiative and a sense of humour."

Scott Vaughan,
Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

Liohn Sherer is incredibly intelligent, hard-working and well organized. Liohn works well as part of a team and also independently.

Jeff Usheroff,
President, Daveco

About Me



  • Management

    As art & science
  • Digital trends

    eCommerce & Marketing
  • Decision-making

    Data analysis & risk-taking


  • Languages

    French & English, spoken & written
  • Sports

    Skiing, cycling, jogging, canoeing, wilderness camping
  • Interests

    Entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology, politics